Material ConneXion® is a network of 11 branches worldwide: New York, Milan, Cologne, Daegu, Seoul, Istanbul, Shanghai, Beijing, Skövde, Tokyo and Bangkok. We work together to source new interesting materials and forecast material trends in various industries. The recently opened Material ConneXion® Chiang Mai is our first mini branch which provides regional designers and entrepreneurs better access to material information.

Our selected materials are divided into 8 categories: polymer, glass, ceramics, carbon-based, cement-based, metals, naturals, and processes materials. We also offer an online database of over 7,500 materials across every industry for limitless research and wider perspective. At Material ConneXion®, Every Idea Has A Material Solution™ (

Material ConneXion® Bangkok’s ongoing activities:

1. Promoting Thai entrepreneurs’ products to be included in Material ConneXion® database (Material Submission)
We encourage submission of innovative and eco-friendly materials from Thai entrepreneurs for inclusion in our material database, which helps introduce them to the global market. It also offers local and international business opportunities to Thai entrepreneurs. At present, there are over 300 Thai materials from approximately 200 companies in our database.

2. Organising Seminars and Workshops
We regularly host educational activities such as seminar, lecture and workshop. Topics range from creativity, innovation, technology to local wisdom. Examples are the lectures “Material Innovation – What is next?” by Dr. Andrew Dent, Material ConneXion’s Vice President, Library & Materials Research; “Foam: Alternative material for innovative construction” and the seminar and business matching event “World Top Design Brands: Knowledge Sharing & Biz Matching”.

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3. Curating Exhibition
We organise exhibitions to spread knowledge and introduce new technologies and innovative materials. Our focus is to explore the potential of Thai materials whose quality meets or even exceeds international standard, and to promote creative product design using Thai materials. Our exhibitions open in both TCDC Bangkok and Chiang Mai, as well as travel to miniTCDC in 13 provinces nationwide, such as “Siamese Twist” and “The Cooperation”.

4. Academic Sponsorship Program
We provide access to Material ConneXion® database for Thai educational institutions via internet in order to promote and spread information about materials. We host learning activities and lectures at Material ConneXion® Bangkok for students with an opportunity to experience first-hand innovative materials from around the world.


5. Promoting Knowledge about Materials Through Publications
Publish books and e-books in Thai and English to distribute knowledge and material information. For instance:
1. Discovering Thai Materials
2. Plean Lok Rob Tua – Transform The Surroundings
3. New Directions in Thai Materials
4. Isan Materials
We also regularly promote material information via design magazines such as B1,  Art4D and Baan Lae Suan.

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Material ConneXion® Bangkok

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